Create Your Own VR Content – no Programming, no Cost

A drag and drop VR creation program that is easy to use and very rewarding!

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The thought of creating my own VR experience hadn’t even crossed my mind until CoSpaces, who I had never heard of, followed me. I read up on their product and thought it was too good to be true – create your own VR content, no programming, no cost. It wasn’t.

I downloaded the CoSpaces app and signed up for an account. To create the content, you need to be on a PC and have an account. The app is only for viewing what you have made. However, the app has some content in the cloud that you can view without an account.

I went through the tutorial, which showed me how to move objects, change people’s positions and so on. From there on you are let off the leash to explore at your own pace.

Whilst my first creation was, quite frankly, appalling, but it was fun to build. I selected the grass terrain from the settings menu, from there my imagination went wild. I placed an oversized rabbit in the centre, with a butterfly above it, a man walking his dog and a tiny hut that would fall down if built for real. Although basic, it was very rewarding to try it in my VR viewer and see what I had built from the ground up.

My only gripe with CoSpaces, it that there is limited content to create much of an experience with, although there are plans to incorporate a digital marketplace. This would solve that problem as you would be able to buy individual objects, or maybe a starter bundle from the developers to enrich your experience. I hope that that the objects are not too expensive.

If you are looking to create your own VR game, CoSpaces isn’t going to be of much use to you. However, game development isn’t what they claim to be able to do. It is about a simple way to personalise your VR content and experience.

You can sign up for CoSpaces, and start creating, at

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