Google Cardboard – No Button Fix

This fix shows what you can do if your VR viewer does not have a button built in.

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I thought the VR headset I bought was perfect, however I didn’t realise that some apps needed a button to work properly. My headset didn’t have one. I scrolled through many websites looking for a fix, but some suggested I buy items such as a Bluetooth remote. I didn’t want to do this, so I set about creating my own way around it.

The magnetic button essentially taps the screen for you, as it is in the headset. Tapping the screen is the equivalent to left click on a computer. This made me think, why can’t I connect a mouse to my phone, so I tried it. It worked!

Luckily, I had a wireless mouse at hand and a USB OTG (On The Go) cable which I could plug the receiver into. If you have a Bluetooth mouse, this would be preferable, as you wouldn’t need an OTG cable, but I didn’t, so made do with what I had.

To get this method to work, all you need to do is plug the OTG cable into your phone, put the receiver into the other end of the cable and turn your mouse on. The left click of the mouse will act the same as the magnetic button, and you didn’t have to buy anything. That is if you have all of the items.

Either a wired or wireless mouse will work, so long as you have an OTG cable, or a Bluetooth mouse. If you do not have these items, but your headset doesn’t have a button, I would recommend buying them rather than a Bluetooth remote, as they are useful for other purposes. For example, a mouse, of any kind, is great for when you are working on a laptop as it is more natural to use than a track pad. USB OTG cables can also be used for having extra storage on your phone, or transferring pictures from your phone to your computer via a memory stick.

I found this an easy method if you have the items, and inexpensive if you do not.


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