How To Check The Version Of Any Android Device

Here are the instructions to find out your Android version.

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What version of Android am I running? A simple question with a fairly simple way of finding the answer.

Maybe you need to know if you can install an app that needs a certain Android version to run, or you would like to check if you can get the latest software update. Whatever the reason for needing to find your Android version, here is how you can find out on any device.

I will be using a Samsung device for the purpose of this guide, the names of some menus may differ depending on what make of  phone you have, the steps in this guide should get you most of the way. If the options aren’t easy to find on another manufacturer’s software please leave a comment below and I will try to help.

Step 1:

Open the settings app.

Step 2:

In the settings app, find the menu About Device. It is usually found at the bottom of all the options.

Step 3:

Within the About device menu you will find another menu called Software info. We will need to click on this.

Step 4:

Here you will find your Android version.

Fun Trick: Android is full of surprises! If you click on the Android version quickly and multiple times you will get the Android Easter Egg.


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